A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A short yuri VN made for Yuri Jam 2016. About love and tacos.

CW: stress/work-related depression


OKtacos.zip 21 MB
oktacos-android.apk 30 MB
oktacos-linux.zip 34 MB
oktacos-mac.app.zip 35 MB


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Check out this AWESOME yuri hentai game! It released a few days ago and the art-style is amazing.

Play it here, CLICK

It's a bit hard to keep track of the choice you make here, with no menu or even saves. The story was nice but I don't feel like the choices I made really mattered much except for the last one maybe.

But it was interesting to have a VN made with Unity and not Ren'py for a change :)